Dating cast iron skillets

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Wagner <b>Cast</b> <b>Iron</b> eBay

Wagner Cast Iron eBay Trademarks varied from as simple as the name of the city of manufacture in plain, block letters, such as the coveted "Erie" pieces produced by Griswold in the late 1800s, to the more elaborately-styled scripts, logos, symbols, and descriptive markings used by Wagner, Griswold, Martin, Favorite, and others up through the 1950s. Favorite Piqua Ware Block FPW Block "The Best To Cook In" FPW Stylized Font FPW Stylized Font "Smiley" Favorite Stoves & Ranges Sunrise Logo Miami Diamond Logo FPW Smiley/Miami Diamond, Dual Logo Puritan (Sears Roebuck) by Favorite 3¼" Diameter, Italicized Lettering aka "Slant" Logo (1906-1912¹, 1909-29², 1939-44³) 3¼" Diameter, Block Lettering aka Large Block Logo (1920-1940)⁴ 1⅞" Diameter, Block Lettering aka Small Block Logo (1939-1957)⁵ 2¼"-2½" Diameter, Block Lettering aka Medium Block Logo or Late Large TM (1955-1957)⁶ Griswold Slant "No Erie" (1909-1920) Victor (1900-1910) Victor/Griswold Mfg. aka Fully-Marked Victor (1920-1935) Good Health (1920s-1930s) Best Made S. It is also seen in slhtly varying diameters on pieces of the same pattern number, leading some to differentiate smaller instances as being a "medium logo". Find great deals on eBay for Wagner Cast Iron in Cast Iron Collectibles. Shop with confidence.

<b>Cast</b> <b>Iron</b> Cookware Trademarks & Logos

Cast Iron Cookware Trademarks & Logos Manufacturers ├ Canadian Manufacturers ├ Trademarks & Logos ├ Numbers & Letters ├ Economy Brands ├ Store Brands ├ Damage & Defects ├ Reproductions/Counterfeits ├ Ghost Marks ├ Identifying No-Name Iron ├ Non-Collectible Cast Iron ├ Collecting Strategies ├ Iron Hunting ├ Buying Tips └ Selling Tips ├ Cast Iron Restoration ├ Aluminum Restoration ├ Glossary of Terms ├ Patent Database ├ Foundry Database ├ CICN Re-Mastered ├ Sand Mold CastingCast Iron Finishing ├ Factory Automation ├ Informational Links └ Videos Listed here are the trademarks or logos of the major U. cast iron hollow ware-producing foundries of the late 19th and early to mid-20th centuries. (Sears Roebuck) (1920s) Puritan (Sears Roebuck) (1920s-1930s) Merit (Sears Roebuck) (1920s-1940s) The large block logo is seen shrunken to accommodate size restrictions such as on small sets or the undersides of lids. The Cast Iron Collector Information for the Vintage Cookware Enthusiast. Trademarks and logos of U. S. foundries.

<b>Cast</b> <b>Iron</b> Cookware Trademarks & Logos - The <b>Cast</b> <b>Iron</b> Collector.

Cast Iron Cookware Trademarks & Logos - The Cast Iron Collector. The term "large", however, is more properly applied to the block lettering rather than the diameter. At what points the changes thereafter occured is uncertain. The Cast Iron Collector Information for the Vintage Cookware Enthusiast. Trademarks and. Information dating it to as early as 1955 has been found. Lodge.

<i>Dating</i> Wagner <i>Cast</i> <i>Iron</i> - Wagner <i>Cast</i> <i>Iron</i> Set

Dating Wagner Cast Iron - Wagner Cast Iron Set During its period of production, the small block logo sets underwent desn changes to the handles, resulting in what are known as the early, late, and late grooved handles. The medium block logo or late large TM is believed to have been a planned replacement for the small block logo, but whose development was possibly cut short by the acquisition of Griswold by Wagner Ware. I hear the question all the time How old is my Wagner cast iron set? Is there a way to date my Wagner cast iron dutch oven or even my Griswold set?

<i>Cast</i>-<i>iron</i> cookware - pedia

Cast-iron cookware - pedia Information dating it to as early as 1955 has been found. Arc/Straht, Hh (1915-1920) Wagner Ware Sidney O. Cast-iron cookware is valued for its heat retention properties, and can be produced and formed with a relatively low level of technology. Seasoning is used to protect.

Dating cast iron skillets:

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