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Popular <b>Chinese</b> Lesbian <b>Dating</b> Site Removed From Internet - NBC.

Popular Chinese Lesbian Dating Site Removed From Internet - NBC. If you couldn’t get a “Brad Pitt” to date you in your home country, why do you think you somehow deserve nothing less than his standard of men because you’re in China? A popular Chinese dating app for lesbians has been shut down, along with its website and main social media account.

Foreners Who Think They're Entitled To Date The Hottest <i>Chinese</i>.

Foreners Who Think They're Entitled To Date The Hottest Chinese. (photo by Juanky Pamies Alcubilla via Flickr)I remember when I was back in [city in China] I was with a large of Westerners for our orientation and a lot of us got to talking about potentially starting relationships in China. May 6, 2013. How can some foreners actually think that they're entitled to date only the. To The Girl Tired of Hearing, “Why Would You Date Chinese Men?”. Also, the ABC girls see so many of us White boys that we do not appear to.

What do <em>Chinese</em> mainlanders think of <em>ABCs</em>/foreners? — College.

What do Chinese mainlanders think of ABCs/foreners? — College. There was one American girl, who was very pleasant but kind of heavyset and nothing special to look at, who said she wouldn’t settle for anything less than Jay Chou or a local Chinese rapper we knew who was modelesque stunning. Speaking from personal experience ABC currently living in China, there's virtually no antipathy against overseas Chinese in the mainland.

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