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FM Antenna Input for coxial input? - Audio - Audio - Tom's Guide Hello, This may seem like a dumb question, but I have an old receiver that has only analog inputs and a coaxial input for an FM Antenna. Would i be able to buy an optical to coaxial converter and plug it into the FM antenna spot on my receiver. An optical to coaxial converter and plug it into the FM antenna spot on. 50"tv with no coax how can i hook up a antenna to it with coax input.

Is it possible to hook up an EXTERNAL outdoors FM antenna to the. It doesn't really make sense to me, but I fured it may be worth a shot. "an optical to coaxial converter and plug it into the FM antenna spot on my receiver" Won't work. May 4, 2014. Solved The small plastic plug and wire provided as an FM antenna do not work well for FM reception in my area. I have an FM antenna on my.

Need FM antenna connect, snal, direct, cable - Consumer. Is the connection you're trying to make for TV audio through the receiver ? FM stereo needs an antenna. The reception on the desired station is sporatic though the station is less than 25 miles away. There is a wire.

Connecting the Terk FM Pro FM50 Powered Indoor Antenna. If so the TV may have an analogue headphone output or preferably RCA-type socket line output. Nov 8, 2016. Making Connections with the Terk FM Pro Powered Indoor Antenna Helpful Information About your FM Pro Remember that no antenna can.

Simple FM Wire Antenna Question - The Forums Either could be fed into the line input (AUX, TAPE) on the receiver. Any sugestions for extinding/replacing this antenna to get better FM. long and connect the lead-in from each to the respective terminals.

Improving Your Reception Community Radio WERU FM 89.9 Blue. Improving the reception of commercial FM radio (88Mhz - 108Mhz) can be done by you at home, simply by replacing the antenna with a 5/8 wave folded dipole antenna. If you have a TV antenna already installed, purchase a “FM Splitter” at a radio supply store. Follow the instructions, hooking up the “FM output” of the splitter to.

FM Antennas - Walmart Many radios and most home stereo receivers include antenna terminals for the connection of an external antenna. Product - RCA Amplified Indoor Flat HDTV Antenna - Multi-Directional - Upto 50 Mile Range - UHF, VHF, FM - HDTV Antenna, Indoor - Black - Omni-directional.

Car FM antenna for scanner? - The Forums Usually the supplied antenna is a minimalist desn (sometimes only an "internal" type, or as a telescopic rod or a short length of wire). I have seen attatchments where you can connect your fm antenna to your scanner in the vehicle. I have a truck and an antenna on top will not.

FM Coax Antenna eBay This can be greatly improved for very little money outlay. Indoor FM Dipole Antenna T TYPE w/ Coax 75 Ohm adapter Balun. Antenna equipped with a Male screw on connector for connecting to receivers antenna.

FM Wire Antenna eBay All of the items needed are available from a local electronics store or hardware stores. FM Dipole T Antenna - 300 ohm. Measures 60" across top with 70" lead to connect to receiver or radio. Expands to T pattern to mount on wall for maximum.

Fm antenna hook up:

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